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“It must be the job of a breeder to use genetically inherited characteristics of a horse as advantageous as possible by means of selective pairing. ”*

We deal with horses for 40 years and still learn more about them.
We set a high value on performance and quality, and our breeding is aimed at these objectives in particular.

Our greatest passion is dressage and we try to improve this area.
We have also bred a “top jumper”. Our Checkmate is internationally successful under Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

Maybe you can also find your top quality horse with high performance in our current offer.

Sincerely yours
Renate Gerlach

See you in Eichenhof!

* Regulations for riding and driving, Warendorf: Warendorf:FN-Verlag, Bd. 4 Keeping, feeding, health and breeding – 9. edition 1997